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26 Eylül 2011 Pazartesi

Treasure Hunt istanbul Scavenger Hunt istanbul oyun motivational activities events in Turkey istanbul

The OMActivities team thinks that treasure hunt type games are very enjoyable.
First, only in a treasure hunt can just one person play or a whole group of people.
Treasure hunts can be done indoors and outdoors, finding hidden objects with the help of hints.
Objects can be hidden anywhere in the world. For this reasons, there are no limits in treasure hunting.
These kinds of “games” are usually considered for children at parties organized by families, but the truth is that treasure hunts are not all that they seem....
There are different variations of treasure hunts, but the most basic idea that comes to mind is hiding hidden objects, solving a search using clues, and competing with teams....
Sometimes there can be scavenger hunts that involve books, where the clues might be in the words of the story...
People often associate treasure hunts with children’s games, but adults also take them very seriously and enjoy playing them...
Using GPS technology, geocaching has become one of the most popular treasure hunt type of game for adults. With the help of a GPS, people all over the world are finding hidden boxes in different locations.
We at OMActivities are trying to help Geocaching become more widespread. On other articles in this blog, you can find more information about geocaching.
Aside from geocaching, the Armchair Treasure Hunt club created a month long treasure hunt where cash prizes were awarded. These hunts have difficult questions that are often impossible to find the answers for without using specific reference books. Some of their hunts have remained unsolved.
In Turkey there is an increasing interest in these kinds of treasure hunts.
Online Treasure Hunts: the clues and answers can be found in websites and throughout the internet.
Scavenger Hunts: also known as photo treasure hunts are very popular versions. The biggest difference with this type of hunt is that instead of collecting or finding items, photographs are collected and captured.
As you can see, treasure hunts are fun activities for people of all age, from the young to the old! At OMActivities we especially love treasure hunts.
As children grow older, and become adults, they can return to activities they enjoyed when they were younger and feel young again!
You can solve a treasure hunt puzzle yourself or with friends, with our small treasure hunt CODE BREAKER.
The goal: To complete a short –real time scavenger hunt in Kadikoy, Istanbul. To understand how these hunts work, starting small.
Location: Kadikoy District
Difficulty level: Easy

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