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28 Ekim 2011 Cuma

ROCK for VAN Turkey - OMActivities Charity Contest!

As you know there is a campaign to raise funds for the Red Cresent to help in Van after the earthquake. As a result of the earthquake on October 23, 2011, nearly 500 people died and over 2000 buildings were destroyed. OMActivities wanted to do something to help, and the concert at Kuçukçiftlik park on October 30, 2011 is helping us fulfiil that desire.

We said to ourselves, at least we could help the Red Cresent by buying some tickets. Then we thought, we could create a little competition for the tickets. Maybe this way, we can get our name out there, while spreading news of what the Red Cresent is doing, and how everyone can support them.
Since we didn’t buy a lot of tickets, we thought we would organize a small competition around them. The competition rules are very simple:

1) Print the photo above
2) Then take a photo of yourself with the picture (as shown in the example)
3) Upload this photo to the OMActivities Facebook page!
4) Finally, tag as many of your friends to this picture as possible.
5) The winner will be announced on Friday, October 29, at 5pm

To inform more people about this wonderful event held by the Red Cresent, as well as to spread information about OMActivities.
If you want to buy tickets for yourself you can get them directly from biletix. But if you want to let your friends know about the concert and the good your money will go to, and you’d like to participate in the conpetition... Come on, join the contest! J
This is the paper you’ll need to print and hold with yourself in the photograph:

Here is the example of what you should doJ

Good luck!

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