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15 Kasım 2011 Salı

What's Switzerland done for the blind? What can Turkey do? Different experiences....

The OMActivities team had some different experiences during the Kurban Bayram holiday. We would like to share with you some of the things that attracted our attention there. Let’s see if they interest you!
While we toured around, we saw many different things and took lots of pictures. We noticed one thing specifically, what about those people who cannot see? We take the simplest thing, like our sight for granted, what would it be like if we cannot see?
In Switzerland, they have done different things in regards to the blind. And it made us think, what why can’t we do this? We think there is no reason for this lack in our country. (We hope these examples will show what our country can also do).
Our first example is this miniature...
There were many magestic churches in the region of Switzerland that we visited. In front of one church, we saw a small model. What a wonderful idea similar to what we have (at Istanbul Miniaturk). However these models have a completely different purpose that those of Miniaturk. The model was made specifically for the blind. Made smaller, but the exact copy of the building for the visually impaired to touch to understand what the building looks like. In front of the model is a plaque embossed in braille explaining the purpose of the model. I wondered why something like this isn’t being done in Turkey. A small miniture in front of the Hagia Sophia or Blue Mosque in Sultanahmet for the blind. Or if not exactly at the location, there could be a section in Miniaturk for the blind. It would be so touching for these architectural masterpieces to be able to be seen though tactile understanding...
Maybe our country has begun these kids of developments. If not, it really must start thinking about it.
Has Switzerland done anything else in regards to the blind? Yes, they have. They aren’t just making models of buildings but are also helping to make walking on the streets and in train and bus terminals easier. This attracted our attention and we photgraphed it. As you can see in the photgraph, there are raised white lines . There is a meaning to all these lines. These lines tell you if you on the side walk, a walk way, or the street? They tell you when the way will end, or if it will turn. Thanks to these raised lines, walking the streets of Switzerland has become a little easier.
Maybe one day our country will be run by people who are more sensitive to the needs of the visually impaired and want to help them.
So is nothing being done in our country? Of course there are some things. Watch this video for a solution....
Our trip to Switzerland opened our eyes to many different experiences. We hope that we have helped you see different alternatives for helping those who are visually impaired in our country or who who are visiting Turkey.

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