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29 Aralık 2011 Perşembe

First Kahve Dünyası in London..

Kahve Dünyasi is a huge coffee bar chain in Turkey, with 200 stores. If you imagine Starbucks melted into a mid-range chocolatier, you're on the right track.

This first London store is heavily branded in the US way, rather than charming in the Anatolian way; but once you get over the shock of stepping into a huge café that's decorated like a chocolate box, its appeal quickly becomes obvious. It's cheap, and there are great cakes and coffees.

A long counter displays an orgy of chocolates and chocolate desserts: truffles, chocolate-coated marzipan, Turkish delights, novelty chocolates. It's all just too choc-tastic, but the ones we tried - a brownie, and a mozaic cake - were both excellent quality, and also incredibly well priced at under £3 each.

The coffees are another strong card in their hand. The Turkish coffee was strong, dark and bitter, as it should be; and the huge mug of milk coffe with salep, a thickener made from a type of orchid root that's popular in Turkey, was rich and viscous, like a good quality hot chocolate.

The sandwiches are not great, and the service was a total muddle on our visit in the first fortnight. But with prices like this, great coffee and cakes and a location so close to Piccadilly Circus, we didn't see anyone complaining.

Kahve Dünyası opened its first store in Eminonu in 2004, selling retail and wholesale coffee, now one of the major brand names in the sector thanks to its fast growth.

Kahve Dünyası draws its strength from the demand and likes of its customers, and meets the consumers at many different points across Turkey. Kahve Dünyası offers many traditional and modern coffee varieties, especially Turkish coffee, to the enjoyment of its guests.

Kahve Dünyası offers more than 50 kinds of coffee from traditional Turkish coffee to espresso-based gourmet coffee varieties, from flavored filter coffee to chilled coffee, and from packaged coffee products to regional coffees.

Along with coffee, chocolate production is also another area in which Kahve Dünyası is an expert. Producing all of the chocolate kinds offered for sale in its stores, Kahve Dünyası was the first to serve chocolate alongside coffee.

Kahve Dünyası stores started out in Istanbul with Altınkılıçlar as the manufacturer behind it and spread to major cities around Turkey. It represents the tip of the iceberg that meets the consumer, which has an extensive technology and know-how behind.

Kahve Dünyası set out to create a place for guests to feel as cozy and relaxed as they feel at home and succeeded, considering it a mission to place the Turkish coffee culture to where it deserves in our country and in the world.

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