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19 Aralık 2011 Pazartesi

A surprise Birthday Present - Different Kinds of Birthday Gifts

OMActivities saves you with a great idea and enables you to prepare a beautiful memorable gift for your friend. If you want to give a surprise birthday gift to a friend, but you don't know what to do, we are here to solve your problem:
''A Surprise Birthday Video!''

Here are the rules:

Rule 1:This video will be prepared for your friend .Thus, it should be a secret especially for the birthday person! So, none of their friends should tell them about it, at least until the birthday
Rule 2:The film should be short, approximately five seconds long and send to us

Your friend will see a lot of friends in the surprise video. W
e strongly recommend that you use the sentence ''I have not forgotten you!'' in your message! But please remember that each video should only be a total maximum length of 5 seconds.
Why is it only 5 seconds?
a) it must be short because it takes long time to send via e-mail
b) there will be many messages from many friends so shorter messages are betterc) 5-second video messages are not as short as they seem when you are trying to speak in front of the camera :)

Rule 3:Send your prepared 5 second video
to us via e-mail . our e-mail address is:
oma.event @
Rule 4:The collection and preparation of videos takes time. For this reason, we are politely asking you to send your videos at least 4 days before the birthday. All videos are collected and prepared with care
Rule 5:This video is a group video. Therefore there should be at least 5 different people who send their videos to us. If only a couple of friends send videos it won't be enjoyable for the birthday person.
CONCLUSION:Prepare a 5-second video recording with a birthday message and send it us.

We know that your time is very valuable. Just to prepare a 5 second video is a burden for you. Wouldn't you like to contribute to a video and surprise your friend?
It would be best if you inform friends of the birthday guy who might be interested in making a surprise video. But before you send this link to others, first finish your own 5 second video and send it us.

OMActivities waiting for your meaningful, but short video for your friend!

call us: 905323514312

here is one example we prepared before : Birthday Video check it please :)

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