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28 Aralık 2011 Çarşamba

What new year’s gift should you get me? 2011’s greatest ideas and a twist on letters to Santa!

In Turkey, because presents are usually given on New Year’s Eve, there is still time to get the perfect gifts. But what should you buy? You want it to be something they want or need, and if you are spending money on them, you don’t want to buy something they don’t really want in the first place. It’s a lot of work to try to figure out what they really need...
Just in time for New Years (but a little late for Christmas), comes a super, duper idea from OMActivitiesJ
Here’s the super, duper idea:
For New Year’s, what present would you like to receive?

Make a “this is what I need list” to save your friends the trouble of buying you something you don’t really need. (Of course the lists should contain useful and realistic ideas). This makes shopping for a present a win win situation for everyone!
Sample List (for Mr. Joe Blow)
1. Corkscrew
2. 2012 agenda
3. A backpack
4. Leather gloves
5. A bike lock
How’s the idea? Super duper, isn’t it?!
We thought it would be nice to put this idea into the blog. You can add your “needs list” to the comments section of the blog . Later in 2012 we can do a little research and see who got what they needed off their list!
Don’t worry, it’s easy to find where to add your list. The comments section is immediately below this! Who knows, maybe the New Year Santa will hear your voice and read your list:

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