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23 Eylül 2011 Cuma

Geocaching and Omactivities experience Scavenger Hunt Treasure Hunt

Welcome to my blog...

If you are here, most probably you found one of my caches in Istanbul and most probably I have sent you a message through which is bringing you in to this link. :)

First of all, I want to thank you for finding one of my geocache in Istanbul.

As you can imagine number of local cachers here in Istanbul is not so much. Unfortunately, the number of geocaches is not so much either.. My aim is hiding more caches around the city. So that geocaching lovers will be more happy...
Perhaps it will help local cachers to interest in finding them more and they will hide more??? Who knows..

The reason why I did this page is to know a little bit more about you..
Perhaps you might like writing here about your experiences in Istanbul or how many caches you found total around world... And which one was the best find for you, where was it and why it was so cool?

This blog is not only about geocaching. It is about OMActivities which is an abbreviation of Omag Motivational Activities. (OMAG is my surname) As owner of this little company I am writing my geocaching ideas and experiences here and also hiding some OMActivities caches around...

Actually we are performing motivational with several type of activities such as Scavenger Hunts , Treasure Hunts, Go-Kart Races, Paintball or Lazer Tag activities mostly in Istanbul..
I assume as a tourist you don't have too much time here in Istanbul, however if I were you, I would try to explore Istanbul with a Scavenger Hunt. With this type of activity you would have chance to explore the city with FUN...

For more information please contact with me. info link:

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