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23 Eylül 2011 Cuma

Geocaching Istanbul Asian side , some hides from a local geocacher

Here are the geocaches I have in Istanbul asian side...
I will try to give more information for further caches.. Istanbul deserves more geocaches..

Geocoin&Tb Hotel - Time Matters link:

N 40° 59.036 E 029° 03.328

We always thought Istanbul needed a safe cache, where coins and TBs would have less chance of being muggled.
As with the general geocaching rule, if you take something please leave something for others to discover.
check the spoiler picture for hints!

Here it is..
we hope it will work well and our TBs and coins wont be disturbed by muggles
By the way , the cache designed by us and it is a big box and has a memory booklet in it.
Please take your time and write your feelings and experiences about istanbul Turkey& your geocaching stories...

OMActivities - oyun muhendisi link:

N 40° 59.244 E 029° 01.499

Here is an easy one. If you are interested in FRP games and board games..
we suggest you to find this cache and visit the shop near it...

its a little cache box behind a big white box. You can check from spoiler picture...
If you are staying in Europian side , after a nice ferry tour you can reach Kadikoy. It is in walk distance from ferry docks.
This street is quite and people are geocaching friendly. :)

Moda on the rocks link

N 40° 58.784 E 029° 01.718

The location is the walk way from Moda to Fenerbahce.
It's a beautiful walk along the water of the Marmara Sea, with piles of large rocks and boulders separating the walking road from the water. It is here, with a view of the islands, the sea, and Fenerbahce, that you'll look for the cache! Good luck!

The cache is a black chewing gum container, hidden in the rocks at Moda.
This area is a popular place for locals and foreigners to hang out, so be extra careful of muggles. If you find the place, sit for a while and enjoy the view so you dont draw attention to yourself.

Hopefully there will be no young lovers or drinking buddies sitting over the cache's hiding place!

MODA - FENERBAHCE on the rocks link:

N 40° 58.885 E 029° 02.025

This is the cache for sea lovers because it has a perfect sea view.
The place of this cache is unique. From zero point you can see Fenerbahce shore and also Moda shore. Besides you can see the Fenerbahce Football Stadium AKA the Temple. Please check the pictures

If you had the chance to find the Moda on the rocks cache, this is an another good catch for you.
It is not so far from Moda and the view is so nice...

It is hidden between the rocks and the cache box is really big. You can see its picture in the spoiler.
If you like big caches this is for you. Generally it is difficult to hide big ones.
I hope this place will be a nice for a long time..


A secret beach in Kalamis shore link:

N 40° 58.709 E 029° 02.304

It is a real sandy beach in the middle of Kalamis..
Amazing !

If you are brave enough you can swim from here..
The cache is on top of the rocks well hidden.
From the top you can see the beach and you will have a great view...
perfect place!
highly recommended :)


Fenerbahce Park lınk:

N 40° 58.086 E 029° 02.062

This cache is located within Fenerbahce's park, filled with lots of beautifful trees, palms, and flowers from all over the world.
There are walking paths that are near to the cache, however you'll have to go off the paths and on to the grass a bit.
As always in Istanbul, the park is beautiful, and because of that, it is always crowded. Bring a camera to take pictures of the garden so you dont draw too much attention from muggles.

The cache is a black chewing gum container. Inside is paper and a pencil.

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