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9 Eylül 2011 Cuma

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A new place.. Tag Cafe & Bistro.. Where is it? So easy....
Walking towards the tunnel on Istiklal street.. On the left hand there is Arter art gallery. Next to the gallery there is a road called Postacılar , when you find that street , look in. You will see on the left side 20-30m away our new place...

The owners of Tag Cafe & Bistro are two young engineers named Ersin and Cenk. Ersin worked as construction engineer for many companies. He thought it was time for being an entrepreneur and decided to open a hostel in Istanbul.

In August, Cenk and Ersin decided to open TagBistro. The location of the cafe is superb. On postacilar street there are many art galleries and the Dutch consulate. Thats why at nights this street is not so crowded and the area turns into the garden of the bar. Of course it is not legally permitted but at least customers can smoke their cigarettes outside.
The customers are often young foreigners because the owners also own a hostel.

While designing this very cozy little bar, they gave importance to little details. These details give some speciality to the place.. Although it is a small cafe bar , you don't feel uncomfortable, on the contrary it makes the place warmer.

Ersin explained that their aim is to do special parties and meetings for groups. They don't put draft beer on the menu because they dont want to serve people who are coming only for cheap beer...
They suggest their french cuisine kitchen.. And they also trust their taste in music.

We decided this place will be a good meeting point for OMActivities events. We suggest you pop in to TagBistro Cafe in Taksim İstiklal Street.

open everyday : 12-02am
email :
tel : 90 212 2436882

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