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9 Eylül 2011 Cuma

geocaching in istanbul turkey - international meeting in sultanahmet

20-08-2011 was the time for the Istanbul Sultanahmet international Geocaching Meeting...
From Turkey, Canada, Germany, America and Cyprus, some geocachers came together and met in Sultanahmet. They shared their stories and experiences about geocaching during a short lunch..

Istanbul is a huge city of about 17 million people. Unfortunately , geocaching is still not common here. Although GPS usage is becoming more common in cars, most people in Turkey don't know anything about geocaching...
That's why, hidden geocaches in istanbul, which are listed in the website are few.

In this international meeting the turkish geocaching community also had a chance to meet each other. It was a good reason for them to get together.

OMActivities will work on this subject and will try to increase the number of caches in Istanbul and will try increase the popularity of geocaching. If you are a cacher and have ideas for expanding the joy of geocaching in Istanbul please feel free to give your comments.

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