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10 Temmuz 2012 Salı

Tim Hurtons Vs Starbucks

Amerika'nın Starbucks'ı varsa Kanada'nın Tim Hurtons'ı var..

Kanada'daysanız neredeyse her 500 metrede bir Tim Hurtons görmek mümkün.... Ilk mağaza 1964 yılında açılmış ve şu anda 5000 üzerinde şubesi var. 1974 yılında araba kazasında ölen milli buz hokeyi oyuncusunun 1964 yılnda başlattığı kahve zincirinde her ne kadar Starbucks kadar fazla çeşit olmasa da kahveleri oldukça güzel ve Kanadalı'lar tarafından seviliyor ;)

A Canadian cultural fixture

The ubiquity of Tim Hortons, through the wide expansion of its outlets, makes it a prominent feature of Canadian life. Tim Hortons' prevalence in the coffee and doughnut market has led to its branding as a Canadian cultural icon. The media routinely refer to its iconic status, even though this is a relatively recent development; there were only a few outlets before the chain's expansion in the late 1990s and 2000s.[72][73][89][90][91][92] A series of Tim's television commercials promotes this idea by showing vignettes of Canadians abroad and their homesickness for Tim Hortons. Noted Canadian author Pierre Berton once wrote: "In so many ways the story of Tim Hortons is the essential Canadian story. It is a story of success and tragedy, of big dreams and small towns, of old-fashioned values and tough-fisted business, of hard work and of hockey."[72]
Some commentators have bemoaned the rise of Tim Hortons as a national symbol. Rudyard Griffiths, director of The Dominion Institute, wrote in the Toronto Star in July 2006 that the ascension of the chain to the status of cultural icon was a "worrying sign" for Canadian nationalism, adding: "Surely Canada can come up with a better moniker than the Timbit Nation."[93]
The recognition of Tim Hortons as a Canadian icon has even permeated into American culture. In the American situation comedy How I Met Your Mother, while standing in a Tim Hortons "just around the corner from the Hockey Hall of Fame," Robin, played by Canadian actress Cobie Smulders, called the location the "most Canadian place in the universe." The chain has since embraced that comment as an unofficial slogan and has used it in promotionals to emphasize their fixture in modern Canadian culture.

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