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18 Nisan 2014 Cuma

Scavenger Hunt in Istanbul Kadıköy

Have you ever done a Scavenger Hunt in your life? We are here for your Istanbul Scavenger Hunts experience. This time we've chosen the Asian Side of Istanbul for our next scavenger hunt. The beginning point is in Kadıkoy. 
There are two options:  (easy and difficult)
The easy track takes aprox. 2 hours, the difficult track can take more than 4 hours. 

What you are going to do in this event:
Before coming to the meeting point, fill in the application form. Application Form Dates are flexible, if the date you'd like to do a hunt is not listed please tell us in the notes section of the form.
-Arrive at the meeting point (alone or with your team)

-Have a look at the SAFE  before it's locked.  (The aim is to find the correct password to open the safe and get your PRİZE)
-Recieve your clues and be QUICK to find the code before others.
-Recommendation: Take many pictures around Kadıköy while you hunt

- Every Scavenger Hunt requires at least 3 teams. If, on the game date, there aren't enough for 3 teams, the hunt will be postponed for a later time (we will inform you one day before the event).
- Teams may consist of 2 to 4 people.
- All Members of the team should arrive at the finish point together. 
- To find the code , you can use internet, computer or your cell phone. 

PS: If you don't want to participate in a competitive game, but you still want to  explore Istanbul with a Scavenger Hunt, please e-mail us... or call: +905323514312

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