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30 Haziran 2014 Pazartesi

What is ISTrapped? - Do you want to play a REAL Game?

If you want to have a different experience and you have team spirit I have some really GREAT NEWS for you! You take the lead in a real life GAME!

You and your team will enter a home. As soon as you enter the house the front door will lock behind you. You have exactly 60 minutes to get out. 

In this 60 minutes the ONLY aim is to ''Find the key to get out''

Now you are in the GAME. You can think of it as a game or you can think of it as a movie regardless you are the LEAD.  Whether you are successful or not depends on your team....

If you attempt this without a team (on your own) 60 minutes will not be enough time. In that case working together, finding clues together, without fearing being stuck inside, you should be part of a team of at most 5 people who like playing games. We recommend 3 or 4 people as a team.

The OMActivities team was able to escape within 41 minutes leading the record for fastest escape without assistance. Do you think you can beat our time?

To play the game you need to remember the following: 

-Upon entering the house you have exactly 60minutes to escape.
-If you want to leave before 60 minutes are up, your team is disqualified. 
-There are no toilets available (go before) 
-The questions you need to solve are not difficult, therefore there is no need to damage anything. If something is damaged your team will be disqualified. 

Before the game recommendations: 

You should play computer games like Escape The Room, to get an idea of what if feels like to try to escape.

If you haven't seen the Saw movie series you should see them :)
For those who have seen it, we'd like to  remind you of the Saw theme song.

If you are interested in detective or police work or you enjoy fantasy role playing type games you are going to enjoy this GAME!

With this in mind put together a team and make your reservation with and see if you can beat our time. Do not forget to mention OMActivities while making your reservation!
Or you can call or contact us for more details!

Good LUCK ;)

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