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17 Kasım 2014 Pazartesi

Room Escape Game in Istanbul Kadiköy - TUZAK

Do you want to experience something different in ISTANBUL?  
Think about it.

Just like in movies or in video games, but now becomes reality. The door slowly closes behind you. You are suddenly enclosed in a room containing numerous locked doors. All you need to do is find the clues, put them together, and use them to help solve the final puzzle – the key to escape. Using real objects to solve puzzles and open doors, you will truly feel like you’re the lead character of a movie, book or computer game, for REAL!

This is a real time game which takes one hour. If you and your team (min. 2 people) can find the KEY before one hour is up, you are free, otherwise you would be trapped in the game for all your the rest of your life :) 

About the game:

Every game takes one hour.
You need to have a team of at least 2 people (maximum 5 people) -we think 4 people is best!
Arrive on time, because there are back to back sessions, if you arrive late you will be shortening your own time. 
The game begins the moment you enter the room and shut the door :) 
There are no toilet facilities on the premises.
If you wish to leave the game at any point during the session you can of course, but that will mean the end of the game. 

We played the ''Hotel California'' game at TUZAK and we escaped in 42 mins.  We really enjoyed the game.
The location is very easy to reach. If you come from European side, Kadıköy is easily reached by ferry and a short walk. 
Tuzak was established on a big area of about 400m2. You wont feel stuck in a little room.  
You will meet the friendly, energetic people who work there. 

For more information and reservations visit the official website:

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