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7 Ağustos 2015 Cuma

Secret Agent Field Mission Game

Do you want to be a real spy in ISTANBUL? If yes, here is your first Secret Agent Field Mission. You will find yourself meeting with the famous Agent OMA in a public avenue. He will give you your first field mission which you will probably think you can achieve easily.  To finish this mission, you need to utilize the hints given to you by Agent OMA.

But you can't do it on your own. You need a friend's knowledge, skill and team spirit. You will do this whole mission together with a friend.

You've got 90 minutes.  Will you be able to finish this mission?

You will be experiencing an adventure where you'll feel like the protagonist of a movie. You will be locked into this mission and you won't be able to escape easily. It will be in your own hands to live this incredible experience! Use your creativity and knowledge for your Spy Adventure.

-Secret Agent Field  Mission Game requires a team of at least 2 people.
-The game can be played with a maximum of 3 teams. (this may change later on)
-The teams need to be at the game venue 15 minutes before starting time.
-Every team will meet with Agent OMA individually.  
-The minimum age limit for Secret Agent Field Mission Game is 18.
-You are not allowed to record the game. It's prohibited to share such recording.
-You will need to return all materials used during the game.

-Every team needs to have at least a cellphone with internet connection.  Some puzzles will need to be solved with the help of the internet.
-Players need to: have puzzle solving skills,  be quick thinkers,  and be able to work under stress

Secret Agent Field Mission Game is an activity which rewards team play. Avoid individualistic behaviours.

We know you'll want to tell everyone what you experienced after the game, and we understand that! But please don't do that if you love your friends :) You will spoil the experience for them.
If you feel uncomfortable and want to quit the mission, simply call us and we will terminate your mission.
There are no restrictions to what you can bring to the game. However, we suggest that you leave any belongings that will be heavy to carry around. As you know the mission will be on the streets outside.

Our game might not be approriate for those who have special conditions or walking restrictions. Please keep this in mind.
Avaible in: Taksim and Kadıköy

call us:  02165663230 

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