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13 Ağustos 2011 Cumartesi

What’s a Geocache? Scavenger hunt, treasure hunt, Istanbul, Bağdat Avenue, Turkey, hidden, mysterious, excitement...

In the map on the left, you can see the region of Suadiye. On Istanbul’s Anatolian side, the fanciest part of Bağdat Ave is in Suadiye. Especially at night, the cafes are overflowing... People descend on the avenue to shop or eat something... But what is the meaning of the little box shown on the map to the left?
That is the little box. It is an important part of a game hidden for you.
On May 1st, 2000, Dave Ulmer, developed another use for GPS systems, other than
regular military use. This development meant ordinary people use GPS in a new way. Ulmer hid the first “box”.
According to different websites, these days around the world, on 7 continents including Antarctica, and in 222 countries, there are 1, 5 million “boxes” or caches hidden. One of these hidden cache location points is shown on the map. The cache is very tiny and called a “nano cache”.
So, what do you do if you find this cache? First, you’ll celebrate simply finding the cache, because you will have found the treasure! But you need to be careful as it is crucial in this game that the cache be replaced in the correct location so that others will be able to find it after you.
You can take a picture of yourself with the cache (but you don’t have to). You will find a logbook in the cache, where you should sign that you were there.

For an example, you can see the photograph (on the left) of a person who found the hidden cache on Bağdat Avenue, and who has removed the paper from inside to write his name. Later, he will go to the website where the cache information has been saved and will log that he found the cache.
Other countries have been playing this game for 10-11 years and the main website has been translated into many different languages. In our country, Turkey, for geocaching to grow, there are a few separate Turkish geocaching websites, but the largest website, used all around the world, is On this website, caches all over the world, including many in Turkey have been hidden. You can register for free to see the caches on the map.
Not all the caches are tiny, like you can see in the above pictures. There are many different sizes and types of caches. There are a lot of important points to remember when placing a cache: the game is not for people who don’t know the rules, generally in Turkey there are a lot of CURIOUS people who find the caches and either destroy them, or steal them, leaving nothing for the geocacher who might want to find it J
If you are interested in this game, and you’re on the Anatolian side, we recommend you try to find the cache located on the map. Then, google “geocache” and you will get a lot of information…
Our nickname is Omaggo, and we have hidden more than 20 caches in Turkey. In the future we are planning to hide OMActivities caches, and these caches we will post here. If you are interested and want to find our caches filled with surprises.
Don’t forget, smart phones with GPS capabilities can also play the geocaching “game”. Iphone owners can download the geocaching application to play. If you have no device with a GPS program, you can easily check the website and learn the coordinates for the cache location…
With this game there is a chance of finding an unknown waterfall or cave… In short, the aim of this game is to find and see new places around the world…
See you at the next adventure….

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